Let’s Flourish!

I am going to use very few words to broach an infinite topic.  One that is dear to my heart and crucial to our time together.

What is human flourishing?

It is many things, but true flourishing is not about the “self,” but about the whole of humanity. Flourishing is- having a great concern for the disparity, plight, and degradation that is present on this planet and creating situations and environments where all people are able to reach their God given potential.

It is about synergetic relationships and exalting others (all people). Flourishing happens when we value and revere “creation” and “life” and all that those words encompass.

Flourishing is holding ourselves, not to a rigid standard of perfection, but always, always working toward excellence, and by excellence I mean, doing our very best with what we are given and striving for God to bring us further. Flourishing does have a personal component, but as God exists as a trinitarian being, we know that we cannot flourish and thrive without each other.

We flourish when we cherish all that God created- the sea, the land, the animals that roam, swim and fly. When we view the world from the perspective of the ones God created to cultivate, care for, and co-work the earth with Him, we will absolutely flourish. We are not just responsible for the Flourishing of ourselves, but all people and all that God has created.

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