Why Pray?

In prayer we are invited into the presence of God. Through prayer we join in a dance with the Trinity: we are brought into the presence of God the Father, through the Son and influenced by the Spirit.  We pray- by the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives, the intercession of Jesus on our behalf, and the “ear” of our listening God and loving Father.

Prayer is not an obedience or command that should be agonized over or dreaded. Feeling obligated to pray daily because one feels guilty if one does not pray is not what God designed prayer for.

Prayer is our communication line with the Author of the universe!

Through prayer we position ourselves in the “land flowing with milk and honey” that sustains us. Without prayer we lack the nourishment to fully thrive and flourish as His children.

God is not interested in the fluency with which we speak, but the heart with which we bring forth our prayers, praises and petitions to Him.  Prayer is not about the flow of wise words from our mouths or grandiose and eloquent speech. It is about the melody of our hearts; the strings of our hearts being pulled and resounding with our reliance upon Him, for He knows our hearts, regardless of our words.

When we pray we stand vulnerable before God. We supplicate and bear the weight of our souls, and the burdens of others, in a way that is distinctive: we boldly approach the throne of God with arms splayed, unafraid to converse with our Father. We cry out in praise, intercession, and personal pleas. We must cry out, “Father, Abba, I know you hear us!”

When we pray our hearts are pulled beyond the cosmos and brought to the place where the Lord reigns on high. When we pray we stand before our Lord and Savior and the brilliant majesty of God on high. We are brought to a place where we can communicate with God in a way that the angels and saints are not granted!

Do we wish to go there?! I do. I most certainly do.

Often and imperfect I stand before Him in prayer, bowing-down, my heart lifted up to God the Creator and One who speaks all things into existence. The One who promises that He will give ear to our pleas and praise.

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4 comments on “Why Pray?
  1. Reblogged this on " my life through photos and words" and commented:
    I have been thinking a lot about prayer lately and my sermons seem to keep coming back to pray. thanks you for this

  2. Thank you. You express my deepest desire. I write in my own blog, that “entering into prayer, we are caught up in the vortex of love unlimited, as it endlessly revolves to and fro between the Father and the Son.”

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