Seafarer’s Salute

Seafarers depart from Camden Harbor
hoisting weathered lines
setting salty sails
as church bells chime at the five o’clock hour

the goings
the comings
of a busy day
yachts demand dock
dinghies dodging windjammers
yet strangely serene happenings
on the Penobscot bay

friendly waves
wind-cracked finger
in a sailor’s salute

those dependent upon the sea
exude a sense of oneness
hearts understanding

the light on Curtis
doing its métier
attacking the fog

the captain knows
the submissive dance
one has with the sea
gently guided
by Curtis’ light
relying on thee

a waltz
of sorts
though partnering is not equal
one must capitulate
my friend,
I declare
it is most often the captain

the sailor’s salute
a familial gesture
a farewell
a good tiding
a praying for well being
and home coming

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