Why We Long

In life, and in humanity specifically, there is a global longing; there is a pull for something more, an innate yearning that is woven into the DNA of all people.

It is everywhere, and people attempt to fill this “void” that exists in all of us. This longing is often interpreted as a hole that can only be filled with “things” and “stuff” and pleasures. We frantically try to fill this hole, or more appropriately titled, the longing, that has been intentionally built into us all. There is a reason for this intrinsic longing.

Sadly this longing, which is often attempted to be filled by worldly things of all sorts- though one will never achieve the desired results this way, for it causes more seeking and further attempts to “fill the void”- is futile in the least, and downright toxic and destructive most of the time. These attempts made to fulfill this longing often work in a contrary fashion, creating a greater longing and more frantic “chasing after the wind.”

Pleasures of all variety- compulsions, addictions, obsessions, and the constant seeking of “more” and “mine” and “better;” “eat, drink, and be merry;” “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll,” do not actually quench the longing, but slowly deconstruct, causing a more insatiable thirst. Instead of making us more whole, and dousing the flames of a mortal’s longing, they are responsible for our decline and dehumanization, they instigate and further entice us to “chase after the wind.”

This connate longing has a purpose. This pull in our hearts and souls for something better and more is not unintentional. The song that reverberates through every cell of our being and screams “there must be something more!” is there for a reason.

Simply- we long because we are homesick. We long because we are visitors that wish to go home. We long because we miss the tender embrace of our Father. We long because our original purpose, the way God designed us to function has been tarnished and desecrated.

We long for restoration and human flourishing that reestablishes the
elemental functions and shalom of a good creation. We are living in a world that is antithetical to our original design; we weren’t meant for this.

We long because at times the undertow of the world feels like it is pulling stronger than the flow of the streams of living water that we are meant to be refreshed by.

Longing is OK. Longing is recognizing that there is more to life than this.

How beautiful is this longing when we know the Truth and beauty that whispers through this realm and boldly proclaims the wholeness of life when “Thy will [is] done on earth as it is in heaven.”

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