Footsteps Upon the Water Fall

I grew up on water my entire life. The sound and movement of lakes, rivers, and oceans are engrained in my being.

As an elementary child I lived with a rambling river in my backyard, and just before my house was a waterfall. I visited it often and it has made a great impact on my life; I am most comfortable around water.

I wrote this poem in honor of my mom, though it does no justice.

Footsteps Upon the Water Fall

Silent footsteps
upon the water fall

Light as air
perhaps featherweight
a floating step
an inaudible gait

Not a peep to be heard
nor shatter the silence
as the muted water falls
Eureka! Divine Providence

A slight dispersion
a wavelet transpires
as she beginnings her journey
higher and higher

Silent footsteps
Right where the water falls
Our Lord’s divine presence
and the Savior to us all

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3 comments on “Footsteps Upon the Water Fall
  1. directorb says:

    Great post!

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