Listen More Deeply

Listen closely
we mustn’t allow our thoughts
to cloud-over the beauty
and importance of
the nonverbal communication
going on around us

When the brush of a pant leg
against the other

When a finger to the lips
thought has been provoked

When a pause in speech
followed by
a drawn-out sigh
means shear and utter exhaustion

When a long blink means
one has had enough for the day
Or, frankly,
one is bored

When a curl of the lip
brings forth
a silent laughter

When the sound of
add to the conversation

When a wink of the eye
tells you,
everything’s gonna be alright

When the rate of breath,
whether rhythmic
or labored,
means more than
a thousand words

We must listen
we are missing
a whole conversation
intended for us

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