Longing for the
transfigured reality
of what we call heaven

Longing at times
with an aching soul
and other times
a sweet craving
for the nectar
of pure goodness

I am ready to take hold
of that which is truly life

There will be no moment
more joyful,
no moment
of greater elation,
than the moment
I am called to be with Jesus

To die is to gain

I feel a great expectant ecstasy
of being called home to our Father

I am ready to receive
the imperishable
undefiled, unfading
that is kept in heaven.

For now I will live
in the penultimate,
the great lifelong crescendo
Until the ultimate climax
of being called home
into the heavenly kingdom

Patiently, I wait
knowing my days are numbered
on His time…
not mine

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One comment on “Homesick
  1. Becki Newton says:

    Hi Shannon, it’s Becki from Guilford. I just wanted to tell you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers lately. Your poems and words are so inspiring.

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