A Prayer for Subtle Awareness

Gentle Presence, Subtle Ruler, One who bore flesh to join-in creation: may we recognize all the ways you reveal yourself to us in our temporal and finite state. May we be attune to the whispers of the Spirit and the continual resonance that alerts us to your presence and power; behold, you are with us always. Sweet, sweet, God, we pray that we are receptive and eager to respond to your unceasing activity in our lives; the way you tug at our heartstrings.

Loving Presence, we thank you for both the sublime and subtle ways you make yourself known, ways we may not respond to if we are not willing to join Simeon in relying on the gentle nudge of your Spirit. Lord, give us a spirit of wisdom, enlighten our hearts, and open our eyes to your loving presence. May all glory be yours, subtly sublime One.

We pray this in your Son and our King Jesus’ name. Emmanuel. Amen.

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