A Love Prayer

Breath of Life, Perfect Love, Ultimate Embrace, Who’s love formed everything that is known: we thank you for your love manifest and the elevation of humanity to a place worthy of your dwelling in the flesh; God with us. Upon your entrance into human life you broke down all barriers and ultimate love entered the human race. We thank you for joining us in our broken world and dwelling among us so that you may redeem us and prepare for yourself a people zealous to reflect the light and love of Christ, our Savior and King, to a hurting and wanting world. Lord equip us with an enduring peace and inexplicable love for all that we do and all we encounter. Lord may the love we experience through our relationship with you overflow insurmountably; may we breathe the “life” and live the perfect love you have given to us in our ordinary lives. Holy One, by the power of your Spirit may we love as deeply as you do, may we pour ourselves into others, as you have poured yourself into us. For your glory and your fame. Your love will prevail.

In the Great Lover’s name, Jesus Christ our King, we pray. Amen.

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