Holocaust Lament

This poem is a very hestitant post… out of utter respect for the families effected by this monstrosity of an event in time; I am sorry.

Holocaust Lament

Consumed by fire
whole I burn, we burn

Six million
of God’s chosen people…
six million souls

The “degradation”
of humanity
needed a refinery
to stomp out its impurities?

Marched to death
starved to death
“ablazed” to death

Six million souls
dear Lord,
we grieve six million
innocent souls

Humanity desecrated
by quasi-ordained sacrilege

Forgive them Lord, they know not what they’ve done

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2 comments on “Holocaust Lament
  1. hnarkn11 says:

    Thank you for posting your Poe. It says it all. I will never forget.

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