Do You See The Need?


I wonder why there is such huge disparity in this world. But then again, in my heart I think I know why.

There is a vast difference between
what one receives and what the other does not.

If we, the ones who receive the abundance, can comfortably say we are doing all we can to help others- we are lying to ourselves.

May I challenge us all?

What if we truly live by our needs? What if we allowed the abundance to be put forward to others in need?

I know we are all saying- I work hard and deserve a vacation, my child the newest technologies.

But can we think about the state of the world around us?


We are SO blessed! Ridiculously, blessed!

May we share that?! Do we feel so inclined to share that?!

We should. As Christ followers we certainly should.

I am sad and happy at the same time, to step up to this challenge.

We are called to bless because we have been blessed. Love because we have been loved.

This does not only include our monetary blessings, but also our God-given gifts that we should be sharing we each other.

There is no reason why we can’t and shouldn’t be able to impact communities around the world with our abundance to a greater capacity than we are now. Absolutely no reason.

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