Fully Inspired


In the grasp of our Risen Lord’s hands
I walk in reverential grace
Being pulled as if unstoppable,
By our Lord’s steady pace

The love that fills my heart
is unmatched
The surface of His power
yet to be scratched

And I am feeling,
Yes I’m feeling…
Fully inspired

I’m inspired to love ceaselessly
Knowing He is near
I’m inspired to shine perpetually
I have nothing to fear

I’m inspired to share His word
Shouting out the Gospel- let it be heard

I’m inspired to live radically
And serve… benevolently

I’m inspired to bring hope
To those in need
With the strength of The Lord
I will succeed

I’m inspired to glorify God
In all I do

I’m inspired to live a life
Fully alive

Cause I am feeling,
Yes , I’m feeling…
Fully inspired

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