All in All

Gazing upon our Lord

The warmth is penetrating

My vision is made clearer

I’m seeing the reasons why

He is my all in all

He wraps us in His power and compassion

Surrounds us in His love

Blankets us in His kindness

Engulfs us in His affection

Holds us in His palms of gentleness

Secures us in His tender embrace

Strips us of our burdens

Infuses us with forgiveness

Justifies us in His righteousness

Soaks us in His grace


I seek to dwell in His mercy

Reside in His Presence

Live in His hope

Lift my hands in adoration

Bask in His glory

Take in His light

Worship Him in awe

Rejoice in His Kingship

Sing out Holy, Holy, Holy, is He


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