Irrational Fear


This lighthouse, on Hunting Island, SC may not look all that tall, but if you climb the 167 steps to the top, and peek out from the darkness within it’s structure, you may very well understand how a person, not so fond of heights, like myself, might feel looking at the view from 132 feet above the ground. Its irrational fear, and I know it, that’s why I confront it!

“Our problem is not to be rid of fear, but to harness and master it… Courage faces fear and thereby masters it, cowardice represses fear and is thereby mastered by it.” MLK Jr, Strength to Love

I am afraid of things I ought not,
though Jesus’ strength I have sought.

I pray over and over in my head,
but the nervous compulsion still I dread.

I confront the fear with determination of heart,
though I know my strength will play no part.

As I climb my emotions begin to rise,
and I see the shaking in my thighs.

I am feeling a parallel with how we face our God,
climbing high, no end in sight, round and round I trod.

I reach the top and see the light,
afraid to step out, no support in sight.

I breathe and realize I have nothing to fear,
all the negative fearful thoughts are not God’s voice I hear.

I step out and see the sun, blinded by the light,
I gaze out over the ocean, my entire future in sight.

I pray thanks to our God, but do not hear a word,
instead a sense of wellbeing as I begin my journey downward.

Psalm 34:9 I sought the Lord and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

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