A Poem on Prodigality & Reconciliation


I walked away,
but I didn’t care.
I was invisible to most,
a sight no one could bare.

No looking back, I was moving on,
I was living just for me.
Blinded by my selfishness,
I turned my back to thee.

It was me effecting me,
my heart beyond repair.
I was wasted in the dust,
and drowning in despair.

Tattered and bruised, Lord,
crying out for your embrace.
I was too proud to admit my wrong,
I kept a stoic face.

I’m sorry now and hurting,
oh please, Lord, care.
I am trying, oh Lord trying,
do you have any love to spare.

You’re my Father, Lord, I get it,
You are reaching out your hand
I am staring at the cross, Lord
its more than I can stand.

I’m not worthy Lord, worthy.
Worthy of this grace.
But, your promise Lord,
this promise.
all I need is to have faith.

But I’m afraid and nervous, Lord
to turn and start anew.
You are my strength and cornerstone,
I surrender Lord to you.

It’s your promise, Lord,
my salvation,
the magnificence of your grace.
Humbled and submitting, Lord
reconciled by your embrace.

Rejoicing Lord, rejoicing,
in you I’ve put my faith.
Accepting Lord, accepting,
the gracious gift you’ve placed.

I’m now singing out in jubilation
for the good news must be shared.
Now walking hand in hand, Lord,
knowing that you cared.

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