God’s Obscurity Revealed

The mystery of God’s love

that had been hidden through out eternity

has no exhaustibility

but entered our reality through Jesus;

Emmanuel, God among us and for us

This Jesus, he healed the lame

he gave sight to the blind

and with the worst of sinners he would humbly dine

He performed miracles and fed

and raised the sick from their bed

He redefined the empire

he torn down shame

he determined there is no one, no people to blame

Jesus empowered the weary

he told a new story

and developed a new category of life, called eternity

This Jesus, this God-man, he was doing good things

he resurrected his friend

and even claimed to be king

king of all people–not just the Jews—

and he promised he’d bring a kingdom renewed

He is the long hoped-for Messiah

“the one who saves”

the blessed redeemer

… the unexpected deliverer

This messiah and king was wrongfully accused

flogged and beaten

battered and bruised

Jesus was abused and brutalized

dehumanized and crucified

he was hung on a cross yet all was not lost

you see

the tree

that seemed to be a complete catastrophe

was all part of God’s obscurity

The aim of the cross was to disclaim, ridicule and defame Jesus;

a signpost to proclaim and shame Him

yet in the greatest juxtaposition

the cross was used by God in a holy declaration

making his rightful proclamation as King

Jesus exchanged the cross for the crown

in an exhibition of his royal coronation as king

… yet the mystery remained

The king was buried, His body laid in a tomb

A tomb… a tiny chamber contained the remains

Of god in the flesh… our god, our god and king

His glory and splendor no mere human could render

His majesty and might were hidden

His power and love shroud in linen

But that’s not the end of the story…

In the grave God contained all his glory

like pure poetry in a display of perfect allegory

His true identity still concealed

His plan and purpose yet to be revealed

So when the Mary’s went to the tomb

consumed by agony and doom

an angel of the lord asked them:

“Why do you look for the living in the grave of the dead?”

Our lord is not dead, He is resurrected instead…

Run, tell your brother, your father, your mother, your sister,

tell your roommate, your classmate, your coworker, any on-looker that…

Jesus is alive!!!! Our God and King is alive!

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