Praying Benedictions: Numbers 6: 24-26

May the Lord God who is able to grant us favor and possess for Himself “us” as a people: may we be able to say that the light of Jesus’ face is present in our lives, and that we willingly respond to the light that has shone in our hearts, so that we may be beacons of hope to those we encounter. Precious Father, may we be willing and always wanting to stand in your presence, showing compassion for ourselves and others; as you are forever gracious to us, let us be forever gracious and holy merciful. Beautiful God, whose glory is yet to be fully revealed, may we look with abundant joy upon Your heavenly presence. And may your peace abound, Lord and Father, in all of our lives; may we truly know the power of your presence, as the great and Holy God, who grants us a “holy state of peace,” regardless of our unsettled spirit in the present state. Lord we thank you that our lives are not defined by the “things” of this world, but by the  ridiculous generosity that you have so lavishly placed. Eucharistos. May peace and well being be found in us, Lord, as we continually reflect you; our hope, our peace. Praise be to your glory. Amen. Numbers 6: 24-26

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