Through the Eyes of Mary

Shannon Claussen

This is a spoken word piece that I wrote a few years back while studying the variations of the Stations of the Cross.  I got to Mary, the mother of Jesus and stopped what I was doing and wrote this piece.  It is my interpretation of what Mary, Jesus’ mother might have experienced emotionally, physically, and what she might have seen as she journeyed with her son to the cross and witnessed His crucifixion and subsequent death!  Please set yourself alongside Mary for this walk of heart-break and victory!  Because today is a day of victory, NOT defeat!

Through the Eyes of Mary

I move slowly, with weary anticipation, to see my son. My gaze drops down towards my sandals, the stitching is coming unraveled, and one thread in particular is barely hanging on, about to let go; it is a mirror of my emotional self. The feet I see…

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