…and the curtain was torn in two

During this Lenten season there have been two thoughts that have woven their way through most of my days.  One of them being, “the curtain of the temple was torn in two.”  The reason, I believe, it has infused itself into my life, is because  of the profound and ultimate change it resulted in for life and all of humanity.

The literal action of the curtain being dislodged and eliminated, flipped the Jewish culture of the time upside down. No longer was intercession needed on our behalf before our God.  Jesus, through His atoning death brought us back into communion with our God, allowing us to have a personal relationship with Him.

That curtain had separated us from God for ages, and the liberation brought on by the annihilation of that barrier resonates greatly within me.
So here is a little poem I wrote today about it.

…and the curtain was torn in two

At the fall of man a curtain was drawn
still our sin and rebellion went on & on

since the apple
we’ve had to grapple
and spawn
til the coming of the promised, and glorious new dawn

in His image we were made, given free will
but this gift, unique to us, has troubled us still

He could not relate or commune with us
for sin had marked us unjust

He lived behind the curtain, Holy and right
we were tarnished by our sins, banished from His sight

round & round we went in a cyclical pattern of forgiveness, fall, and sin
but our defeat over brokeness, my friend, we could not win

in compassion and a love so grand
no more of this rebellion could He stand

it was part of His plan
to send… the son… of man

this curtain cannot continue to exist
for His care to relate and have communion with us continued to persist

He will send to the earth His son in human form
He will open their hearts, and their souls He will reform

throughout time atoning sacrifice is what brought us back to him
the Son of God will be an atoning sacrifice strung up on a limb

Perfect, and holy, and blameless in His sight
a spotless sacrificial lamb will bring this darkness into light

He will wash us clean and give us life anew
He will bring us reconciliation, grace, and a life that’s true

the stage is set and all events align
the Son of God is nailed to a tree, and His life He resigns

at that moment, my dear friends, the curtain was torn in two
and from that moment on our God can now commune with you

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