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God’s Obscurity Revealed

The mystery of God’s love that had been hidden through out eternity has no exhaustibility but entered our reality through Jesus; Emmanuel, God among us and for us This Jesus, he healed the lame he gave sight to the blind

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Praying Doxologies: Revelation 5: 12-13

Lord God, there is only One Lamb, spotless and holy-perfect who willingly died for the sins of the world: his name is Jesus Christ. Father, may we seek and truly know the power and presence, might and mercy, love and

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Why Pray?

In prayer we are invited into the presence of God. Through prayer we join in a dance with the Trinity: we are brought into the presence of God the Father, through the Son and influenced by the Spirit.  We pray-

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What did Jesus do for You?

Who is this guy they call the King of the Jews? What is all this commotion? What did He do for you? A donkey He rode to announce He’d conquered the present Roman Empire a new creation He’s ushered. Hosanna

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It’s a God Thing!

Last Christmas my son, Addison, had a different idea of what he wanted for Christmas. Check out this video story about how God uses children to impact the world around us.

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Discerning the Call

God is pulling at my heart There is no act that can thwart this art The longing and pure desperation The desire to spread The Word to all nations The restlessness and unease Oh Lord, you are whom I’m to

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