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A Leaf’s Life

wind whipping wildly affecting the leaves of the trees like a crop against a mare’s hind lashing and impeding the beauty and origin of a leaf’s duty: to catch the rays Or wistfully whirling engaging the presence of a sinister

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Mrs. Robin

Good morning, Mrs. Robin! In a honeysuckle tree A foot away from me Ensconced upon her nest Doing her motherly best

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Spring Livin’ in New England

Dirty fingernails and dusty feet A walk along our dirt road Is a family treat Yelps and laughter Sounds of pure delight The back and forth banter Of a warm spring night The thriving spirit Of children’s frolic Horse and

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Irrational Fear

This lighthouse, on Hunting Island, SC may not look all that tall, but if you climb the 167 steps to the top, and peek out from the darkness within it’s structure, you may very well understand how a person, not

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  • 2/2 #MeToo I told the student counselor, but nothing was done. I got kicked out of class. A classmate got a breast reduction the next summer- 1 month ago
  • 1/2 #MeToo I was 15 & in school, a teacher used to stare at our chests... I would sink down in my chair until we made eye contact.- 1 month ago
  • I'm wondering why numerous men are finally being exposed for the epidemic sexualization of women. We've been enduring this since the fall.- 2 months ago