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Praying Doxologies: Jude 24-25

Lord God, Father: to you, who keeps us on the straight path–and brings back those who wander–you alone restore all relationships to yourself and all of creation. You are a long-suffering God who patiently endures and loves us so deeply

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A Prayer for the Love Command

Tender Father, Desire of our heart, One who is love: let it be our intention this new year to fall more and more in love with you; that we might love you with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Let

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A Prayer for Subtle Awareness

Gentle Presence, Subtle Ruler, One who bore flesh to join-in creation: may we recognize all the ways you reveal yourself to us in our temporal and finite state. May we be attune to the whispers of the Spirit and the

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A Love Prayer

Breath of Life, Perfect Love, Ultimate Embrace, Who’s love formed everything that is known: we thank you for your love manifest and the elevation of humanity to a place worthy of your dwelling in the flesh; God with us. Upon

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Let’s Flourish!

I am going to use very few words to broach an infinite topic.  One that is dear to my heart and crucial to our time together. What is human flourishing? It is many things, but true flourishing is not about

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Blowing the Roof Off of Eternity

I wrote this back in May. I published it briefly, then took if off of my blog. This morning I was going through my “draft” posts and really connected to the words below. So, I’m republishing it, and hope you

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Hand on The Knob

Your peace Lord Is ready to take hold You have the power to transform and touch lives in the remotest place I pray Lord, for your light to flood this space Your love will permeate And absolutely instigate… A desire

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Spring Livin’ in New England

Dirty fingernails and dusty feet A walk along our dirt road Is a family treat Yelps and laughter Sounds of pure delight The back and forth banter Of a warm spring night The thriving spirit Of children’s frolic Horse and

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Falling In Love…

Falling in love… with words In solitude Enjoying the richness, depth & power Of words Descriptive inscriptions A query or two Onomatopoetic words And rhetorical terms Epistrophe & puns Etymology & delineation Simple & generic Complex & esoteric

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