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The Brevity of Life

A glance not recognized Did you have the chance to change the circumstance An intake of breath Where does it bend in the living or the end A whisper ever-passing caught upon the breeze flowing through the trees then it

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Moving House

Packing paper wrapped in paper what is the purpose? Preservation Mummified objects are laid low placed in oblong boxes embellished with banana company logos and the smuckers insignia Placing and replacing in a mechanical pattern thoughtless yet purposeful Where does

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Longing for the not-so-solid, transfigured reality of what we call heaven Longing at times with an aching soul and other times a sweet craving for the nectar of pure goodness I am ready to take hold of that which is

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  Bone-crumbling, back-breaking, mind-numbing… exhaustion Thought-deterring, stomach-churning, all-encompassing… exhaustion Sleepy-eyes, stumbling-gait, cognition-subsiding… exhaustion Bed-is-calling… exhaustion

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  • RT @BrianZahnd: “Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s the real rebel…- 2 weeks ago