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The American Way

grass unmowed what will the neighbors say neat lines, I wish made a distinct presence on my yard however, so unevenly displaying to the outside the imperfection inside the house which mustn’t be exposed; for this is the American way!

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Praying Benedictions: 2 Corinthians 13:14

Holy Trinity, Unfathomable God; how we thank you for your multidimensional form, and how we are truly blessed by each of your members, our Triune God. We thank you that through your Son we are able to experience the loving-kindness

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Praying Doxologies: Revelation 5: 12-13

Lord God, there is only One Lamb, spotless and holy-perfect who willingly died for the sins of the world: his name is Jesus Christ. Father, may we seek and truly know the power and presence, might and mercy, love and

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Praying Doxologies: 1 Timothy 1:17

Almighty One, King of glory, whose existence knows no beginning and knows no end; how awesome is your name and how humbled are we to stand in the presence of your mercy and love. Though you are unseen to us,

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Praying Doxologies: 1 Timothy 6:15b-16

Consecrated One; True King, who rules with might and love; authority and tenderness; above all earthly powers, you alone triumph over evil. Eternal One, Light of light, how we long to stand in your presence, to bask in the light

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Praying Doxologies: Jude 24-25

Lord God, Father: to you, who keeps us on the straight path–and brings back those who wander–you alone restore all relationships to yourself and all of creation. You are a long-suffering God who patiently endures and loves us so deeply

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A Prayer for Faithfulness

Lord God, Father and One who desires a relationship with his creation; thank you for your mercy and protection; your faithful commitment to us misfit-rebels, and doers of sin. Lord we thank you for the way you redeem us and

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The Good News of God’s Kingdom

This post is in response to a twitter conversation regarding the essence of the gospel. It is brief and not fleshed out fully: The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the

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We Are One Family: Somos Una Sola Familia

Hermana HondureƱa en Cristo, DNA does not bind your skin rich. A tanned hide Mine, an ashen rawhide No familial resemblance Blood spilt, the body strung on the cross binds us in an eternal, global family; Segregation has no place

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The Invitation is Open

There is affliction In God’s good creation We are cracked and broken But the invitation is open Our Father desires all His children To come to Him for release of our burdens Jesus, The Living Word, is our key “I

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  • Jesus Christ bore the weight of our iniquity to give us the ability to have life in its totality. Eucharistos.- 1 week ago