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A Prayer for Faithfulness

Lord God, Father and One who desires a relationship with his creation; thank you for your mercy and protection; your faithful commitment to us misfit-rebels, and doers of sin. Lord we thank you for the way you redeem us and

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Footsteps Upon the Water Fall

I grew up on water my entire life. The sound and movement of lakes, rivers, and oceans are engrained in my being. As an elementary child I lived with a rambling river in my backyard, and just before my house

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Grasping Faith

There was a time not long ago yesterday, maybe a week ago that all seemed understandable; I had it all figured out Grasping and understanding all that is and is to come; Oh, how I understood Today, tomorrow and moving

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The Invitation is Open

There is affliction In God’s good creation We are cracked and broken But the invitation is open Our Father desires all His children To come to Him for release of our burdens Jesus, The Living Word, is our key “I

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Creating Space for Peace

Creating space for peace in my life Slowing down Letting go of all the strife Not filling voids Or time Allowing the influence of The Great Divine Surrendering to the inevitable Relying on the One Who is dependable Giving up

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Son Cycle

Son Cycle Just as the sun sets on the earth, so too did the son of God. Could our attraction to the sunset be related at all to the crucifixion? We stand in wonder at the setting sun, unable to

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I had a conversation today, full of emotion and provocation. I started to cry, a tear rolling down my cheek. They asked me why I was sad. I said, “I am not sad, my soul humbly submits to you, but

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