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A Prayer for Subtle Awareness

Gentle Presence, Subtle Ruler, One who bore flesh to join-in creation: may we recognize all the ways you reveal yourself to us in our temporal and finite state. May we be attune to the whispers of the Spirit and the

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A Love Prayer

Breath of Life, Perfect Love, Ultimate Embrace, Who’s love formed everything that is known: we thank you for your love manifest and the elevation of humanity to a place worthy of your dwelling in the flesh; God with us. Upon

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A Prayer: Compassionate King

Tender Father, Merciful Master, Compassionate King: how grateful are we for your Son and our Redeemer. Through Him we are no longer bound by the darkness of death and sin, but to the light and hope of eternal life. It is

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A Prayer for the Incarnation

O Mighty One, giver of all things good, perfector of all imperfection, boundless lover of all creation; we thank you for sending your Son to us, for us; Emmanuel, God with us. Prepare our heart Dear Lord and Father, as

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