What did Jesus do for You?

Who is this guy they call the King of the Jews?
What is all this commotion?
What did He do for you?

A donkey He rode
to announce He’d conquered
the present Roman Empire
a new creation He’s ushered.

Hosanna in the highest;
Might Conqueror;
The King of all nations…


Look at Him.
This guy,
THIS guy is our God?
Our Messiah on a donkey?
Over the Roman Empire He’s trod?

What’s so special about Him?
That we should believe
in Him our sins would be abolished, undone
and eternally relieved

He’s been teaching and preaching
and upsetting the Rabbis
Would we want to place our faith in Jesus
and mess with those guys?!

This doesn’t add up
it doesn’t seem legit
this Jesus guy does not
into our Messianic covenant fit.

The Messiah should overthrow the empire.
Our King upon the throne.
The Mighty Conqueror,
of the Roman Empire and beyond.

Our King upon a cross?
Marking His royal coronation?
The Messiah-King; The Suffering Servant?
THIS is His destiny: “It is finished?”

This Jesus guy actually pulled off
the mission He’d begun
By His death He changed everything;
through death we can’t be stung

This is just the beginning
Death does not have the final word
The curtain has been torn in two;
Have you heard it, can you hear the reverberating “BOOM”

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