Janice Wray’s Rehab Video

Check out this video for some serious inspiration. Janice rocks! She is doing amazing with her rehab, but the pain she experiences, often, is beyond what any of us would consider tolerable, and she smiles her way thought it!!! Be praying please.

Janice’s Journey
by Kerri McMahon 4 weeks ago

On April 1, 2012 Janice Wray’s life changed forever. This video is documenting her initial days in the ICU and her ongoing months of rehabilitation, as she tries to overcome the new challenges a person with C6 complete quadriplegia faces daily. Janice is surrounded by her amazing family, friends and community helping to make life a bit easier. It is her faith, determination, strong spirit, and her inspiring drive to be successful that earns her a spot in the “hall of fame”! This is Janice’s Journey…


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